Private Lessons

For singles or couples


With Private lessons you can learn the style of dance when you want. This is a perfect vehicle to accelerate your learning and fine-tune your dance skills. Scheduling is very flexible as well. You can learn 3-4 times as much with private training as you can in group lessons.  Schedule lessons via e-mail or phone 507-288-0556.


  • Daytime, evenings, or weekends.

  • Each lesson is one full hour.

  • Two people may share private lessons & split the fee.

  • All payments are exchangeable but not refundable.

  • All payments are valid up to one year after date of purchase.


  • No refunds

  • Credit can be issued 

  • Or you may transfer unused membership to another person

1 Private Lesson ($84 per hour)


4 Private Lessons ($79 per hour)


8 Private Lessons ($74 per hour)


12 Private Lessons ($69 per hour)


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