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Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is in a world all of its own.  It is a social dance with each step led and followed. It is natural, fluid and creative. Dancing in an open or closed embrace, women and men bring their own styles and embellishments to the dance creating excitement and unpredictability.


Salon Tango

Tango de Salon embrace is often in a V-shape and may be open or close and allows for variations in embellishments which is especially true for the follower. Tango de Salon can be highly improvised, with the only limitation being the experience and repertoire of the leader and follower. 


Tango Nuevo

This style grew out of classic Salon Style and is about fluid, creative, and organic movement while exploring all of the possibilities and moves that tango can offer. A great emphasis is placed on each dancer maintaining his or her own axis. It is danced in an open and loose embrace.



Milonga style Tango is fast-paced, syncopated, playful and incorporates many of the normal tango steps while maintaining a closer embrace. Milonga is so quick that it doesn’t allow for complicated movements and sequences. Keep your steps simple and your movements sharp, and you have a milonga dance!


Vals of Tango

Vals is tango danced to Viennese Waltz tempo played with tango instrumentation. You can dance most of your tango moves in Vals with 3/4 time. Vals is usually danced in a smooth, continuous movement with lots of circular and rotating steps.