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Dance Descriptions


Club Style Dances

These dances are fun at our "Blue Moon Mix" or any other public social dance.


Night Club 2-Step

This dance is rhythmic, smooth and easy to learn. Great for weddings and is often danced to songs like: Red Red Wine, Home, and Stand by Me. To look good on any dance floor, learn to Night Club.


West Coast Swing

This fun and funky dance is rhythmic, fluid, & stylish and is danced to some of the most popular music today blues, R&B, hip-hop, funk, jazz, & country music.


Disco Swing

Perhaps the easiest and quickest dance to learn and "Oh, so fun!" The music is funky and pulsating with a 4/4 rhythm. Disco Swing incorporates moves from hustle, swing, and jive.

Latin Dances

Dances in this section will prepare you for fun at the Blue Moon "Club Salsa" events.



Popular in the Caribbean and Latin America, Salsa is an energetic and happy dance that is known for funky steps & styling, right turns, and cross-body leads.



Originating in Colombia, Cumbia is a unique style of Salsa characterized by the dancers rotating, turning, and spinning around one another. Cumbia is a bit slower than Salsa, with a samba rhythm that is easy to find.



Bachata is a beautiful and Latin dance, that is all about the hips! It's roots are in African and Cuban rhythms. The music and energy of the Bachata is slower than Salsa, but with many of the patterns much the same.


Cuban ChaCha

A very popular dance in Latin America. This fun, energetic dance contains African and Cuban rhythms that meld into a Latin beat with Salsa styling.



An upbeat, energetic dance with rolling Latin hip movement, Merengue originated in Latin America and is one of the easiest dances to learn.

Argentine Tango

Originating in the barrios of Buenos Aires, Argentine Tango is an improvised, spontaneous dance, based on variations of walking, turning, pausing and adornments. Even though there is a basic structure to the dance, one can never truly predict how their partner will interpret the music or embellish it.


Salon Tango

Tango de Salon embrace is often in a V-shape and may be open or close and allows for variations in embellishments which is especially true for the follower. Tango de Salon can be highly improvised, with the only limitation being the experience and repertoire of the leader and follower. 


Tango Nuevo

This style grew out of classic Salon Style and is about fluid, creative, and organic movement while exploring all of the possibilities and moves that tango can offer. A great emphasis is placed on each dancer maintaining his or her own axis. It is danced in an open and loose embrace.



Milonga style Tango is fast-paced, syncopated, playful and incorporates many of the normal tango steps while maintaining a closer embrace. Milonga is so quick that it doesn’t allow for complicated movements and sequences. Keep your steps simple and your movements sharp, and you have a milonga dance!


Vals of Tango

Tango-Vals is tango danced to Viennese Waltz tempo played with tango instrumentation. You can dance many of your tango moves in Tango-Vals with 3/4 time. Tango-Vals is usually danced in a smooth, continuous movement with syncopated and rotating steps.

Ballroom - Smooth

The ballroom smooth dances are elegant, graceful and just right for the variety of music played at the "Blue Moon Mix" dances.


American Waltz

This slow Waltz is the epitome of ballroom dance characterized by elegant rise and fall action as the dancers move smoothly around the dance floor. The elegance of Ballroom Waltz will make an impression at any dance.


Viennese Waltz

Viennese Waltz is faster than American Waltz with the dancers gracefully rotating and turning around the dance floor. The dance to know for the faster Waltz music played by local bands and wedding DJs.



A "smooth" ballroom dance known for it's fluid, gliding movement. Foxtrot is danced to favorites like Moon Dance, Route 66, A Foggy Day, & Fever.


American Tango

Originating in Argentina and influenced by European and Spanish dancers, American Tango is passionate, smooth and dramatic with a strong connection to one's partner and to the music.



Bolero is a slow tempo romantic Latin dance.  Songs like: When Can I See You, Casi Un Bolero, California Dreamin are perfect tempos for this dance.

Country Dances


Country 2 Step

For Country dancers who wish to boot scoot and boogie around the dance floor to popular upbeat Country hits. A progressive dance that travels around the floor in a Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow timing and is almost exclusively danced to Country music.


Country Waltz

Learn to dance the promenade, the sweet heart plus some fun turns and patterns to inspirational country waltz music. Country Waltz incorporates many of the moves from Country 2 Step.


Country Swing

Single time, Double time, or Triple time swing are all part of the repetoire of this fun and active dance.  It's the dance to learn when you want to kick it up a notch on the country dance floor.

Ballroom - Rhythm


American ChaCha

A very popular Latin ballroom dance with patterns similar to those in Rumba. ChaCha is a fun dance for songs like My Maria, Smooth, Love Potion #9, and Oye Como Va.


East Coast Swing

Swing is an upbeat, fun dance for Country or Rock music. Swing is often danced to songs like In the Mood, She Think's my Tractor's Sexy, Rock Around the Clock, and Honkytonk Badonkadonk.



Rumba can be romantic or fun and is danced to Country, Rock, or Latin music. Songs like Kokomo, Cuando-Cuando, Amarillo by Morning, Falling Into You are often danced with Rumba. A versatile dance that works very well for weddings.



Samba is an upbeat, lively dance of Brazilian origin that progresses around the dance floor. Samba is characterized by its bounce and rolling hip action and is danced to songs like Hips Don't Lie, Coco Jambo, and Livin' La Vida Loca.


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