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Tango Workshop Topics

By Gretel & Fred

If you are interested in us traveling to your area to teach Argentine Tango, the list of topics below might appeal to you.

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Possible Workshops Topics:
Can be taught at various levels:
Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced and for All Levels


An off axis, graceful, sweeping movement. There are several styles of the volcada... a very elegant fluid movement, for soft melodic moments of a song.
Paradas, Planeos & Seamless Transitions
A parada is the “follower’s moment” to give expression to the dance. A planeo is gracefully used with soft, melodic music. Learn to transition soooo smoothly that some will wonder “how did they do that?”  
Steps for a Crowded Milonga
Classic steps to “keep dancing” in a crowded milonga. Direction changes, circular movements in parallel and cross system to increase your confidence and comfort at any milonga.

Sacadas - Smooth & Circular
For both followers and leaders, the sacada is a smooth illusion that is a beautiful movement of tango. With our step-by-step approach to teaching, you will learn variations of this classic technique.
Milonga - Lisa & Traspié
The "happy dance" of Argentine Tango
Learn some of Gretel's favorite syncopations to have fun on the tango dance floor.
Musical Hits - Dancing to D'Arienzo
We will work with concepts and sequences to add musicality to your tango to "hit the music" anytime you want. 
Circular in place Movement
A circular step, calesita means "carousel” and is typically where the leader walks around the follower as the follower responds with an embellishment. There are a variety of calesitas based on either the connection of the leader or the embellishments of the follower.
Circular Traveling Steps
The cadena is a circular traveling step. There are a variety of cadenas in both closed and open embrace. A classy step for traveling with TangoVals.
Traveling, Circular, Musical
TangoVals uses the structure of tango variations and adds the waltz rhythm of 3/4 time to travel the floor. TangoVals is characterized with syncopations, circular movements and brief pauses.

Embellishments & Adornos
For both followers and leaders
Learn to dress up your tango with these styling variations. We'll take your basics to "the next level" with these classy options. Learn to style "on the fly".
Secuencia de Sistema Cruzado
(Cross System Sequence)
A fluid and smooth transition from parallel to cross system with several resolutions. This will be our foundational movement for the following two workshops.
Giro Milonguero - Cross System
A circular sequence performed in cross system with the partners creating a beautiful connection at the end of the movement. The "Giro Milonguero" is great for making a musical hit, or for a transition from one musical phrase to the next.
Media Luna - Cross System
"Media Luna" is a partial molinete that can be performed in parallel or cross system. There are several ways to lead and follow this musical sequence. You will learn a dynamic version in cross system, ending in a parada creating the perfect "musical hit".
Classic Steps
These classy steps can be both rhythmic or melodic, and work nicely for either tango or vals close or open embrace
Colgada con Enganche
Linear or circular off-axis movements that can lead into a technique called an enganche
Cadenas con Sacadas
Traveling circular steps in tandem with your partner
Ganchos Organicos
Ganchos that occur naturally in a circular movement
"Cross System Intensive"
All in "cross system" practical movement and concepts ... perfect for the milonga. Please join us for the fun!
Are you able to dance an entire song in cross system? These workshops will get you well on the way!
Unlike any other dance, Argentine Tango is deeply submerged into two overlapping worlds – a world of Parallel System and unknown to the other dances the "Mysterious World of Cross System"
#1 Fluid Transitions - Cross System
#2 Rhythmic Steps - Cross System
#3 Circular Movement - Cross System
"Sacadas Intensive"
#1 Sacadas - with gancho & boleo
#2 Sacadas Atras - back sacadas
#3 Colgada y Aguja
TangoVals Intensive
(Musicality, Technique, Sequences)
Workshop 1 - Linear Musical Hits
Workshop 2 - Musical Hits From Ochos
Workshop 3 - Media Lunas in parallel & cross system
Other workshop ideas:
Volcadas variations
Colgada variations
Soltadas rhythmic or smooth
Tango Nuevo
Dancing to Pugliese
Also open to your suggestions

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