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Dance Lessons

in Rochester, MN

Swing, Salsa, Tango, Country, Ballroom, Club Style!

Why dancing is good for you

Let us show you just how fun dancing can be!


We'll take you from sitting to dancing in no time.


We teach in a fun, safe & step-by-step manner so that you can learn in as fast as 8 weeks.


You do not need a partner to learn to dance.

In fact about half of our students come

to class without a partner.


Level 1: Beginners - No experience needed, Basics steps

Level 2: Beginners - New steps, patterns, lead & follow skills

Level 3: Experienced Beginners - New patterns, transitions, connection 

Level 4 & up: Intermediate and Beyond - Improved technique, styling, challenging moves


No Partner Needed - Prices are per person - Bring separate indoor shoes for dancing


Each group or private class is 1 hour.

All payments are exchangeable, but not refundable.


All payments are valid for

up to one year after date of purchase.

Newcomer Deal


1 private lesson

2 one month each of group classes

Total value=$192.00

For singles or couples

Couples may share this deal

or purchase 1 NCD each


You must be a new student and not have taken our group or private lessons before.

The NCD private lessons are complementary for people attending our on-going group classes

The group classes are for 

1 group class for a given month

The NCD does not apply to

Tango classes,

choreography or to

Wedding Dance Lessons

To get the most out of your NC Deal

We recommend that you . . .

1 - choose a group lesson series 

2 - take one of your private lessons before attending the first group lesson

3 - attend the group lessons

(you can stay with your partner)

4 - take the 2nd private lesson about half way through the group lesson series

24 hour notice needed for private lesson changes to avoid forfeiting the lesson.

Expires 6  months from date of purchase

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