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Dance Lessons

in Rochester, MN

Swing, Salsa, Tango, Country, Ballroom, Club Style!

dance lessons

Let us show you just how fun dancing can be!


We'll take you from sitting to dancing in no time.


We teach in a fun, safe & step-by-step manner so that you can learn in as fast as 8 weeks.


You do not need a partner to learn to dance.

In fact about half of our students come

to class without a partner.


Newcomer Deal



1 private lesson

1 month of a weekly

group class series

Total value: $148.00

6 month expiration

$99 for a single person


Privates may be shared with another person. The second person may attend the 1 month group class for an extra $59 as a partner.

$59 for a second person

$158 total for 2 together

NCD is for beginners, to prepare in the basics of a dance style you have not done before.

The group classes are for 

1 group class for a given month

The NCD does not apply to

choreography or to

Wedding Dance Lessons

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