Argentine Tango

Private Tango Lessons




Gretel Quiñones & Fred Gommels


Gretel started dancing in Cuba at age 3. She has taught Latin dance in Cuba, Spain and in the US. She is considered by many to be "La Reina de Musicalad". Fred has been dancing since 2002. He has trained in Argentina and the USA with some of the world's top masters.


Both Fred & Gretel have trained with some of the best Tango Masters in the USA and Argentina, including: Pablo Fernandez and Ludmila Srnkova, Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz, Eric Dinzel and Flavia Kohut, Oscar Casas


They teach in a fun, structured, step-by-step manner. With great care for the needs of the individual student.

We love the creativity, musicality and improvisation of Argentine Tango. We would love to share with you our passion for this dance. We hope you join us.





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2 private lessons

2 months of group lessons

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"The Path to Tango"


Beginning Tango

Thursdays 8-9pm

Current Schedule


Start any time

This class covers the fundamental concepts of Argentine Tango — walking, posture, embrace and connection — in a relaxed, supportive environment. We will also cover variations of the balosa box, cruzada, ochos, giro, ocho cortado. 

  • Friendly & Fun Atmosphere

  • No dance partner needed

  • No previous dance experience required

  • Personal attention and guidance


"Tango Fundamentals" will also prepare you to handle the Wed night intermediate classes. Some tangueros take the fundamentals class frequently to improve their basics to become more confident on the tango dance floor.


Tango Intermediate
For the experienced tango dancer


Thursdays 8-9pm

Current Schedule

You should have a working knowledge of the cruzada, ochos, and molinete. We typically cover a different theme each month such as: ganchos, boleos, volcadas, colgadas, caminatas, sacadas, soltadas and much more.

As you gain experience in your Tango, you will also develop skills in Vals and Milonga.