Argentine Tango

Cross System Intensive


Sat, July 9



Independence Day

At Four Seasons Dance Studio

1637 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403

with Gretel & Fred

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Vaccination-only Event

Cross System

These steps, sequences and techniques can be performed in cross system and in close embrace from start to finish.


This training is perfect for

Traditional Tango and for TangoVals!

Discount Deadline

July 1 by 12am

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We are starting an hour earlier

than usual to allow for time to get

ready for the evening's events!


Secuencia de Sistema Cruzado

(Cross System Sequence)

A fluid and smooth transition from parallel to cross system with several resolutions. This will be our foundational movement for the other two workshops. 


Giro Milonguero

A circular sequence performed in cross system with the partners creating a beautiful connection at the end of the movement. The "Giro Milonguero" is great for making a musical hit, or for a transition from from one musical phrase to the next.


Media Luna

"Media Luna" is a partial molinete that can be performed in parallel or cross system. You will learn a dynamic version in cross system to the right side of the leader, ending in a parada creating the perfect "musical hit".


Four Seasons Dance Studio

1637 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403


For questions contact:

Fred Gommels

Gretel Quiñones

These workshops are not for absolute beginners.

It is expected that you already have a working knowledge

of the fundamentals of Argentine Tango:

(the walk, box, cross, ochos, molinete)

Workshop Rates

Online Discount by July 1

$25 for 1 workshop

$50 for 2 workshops


$70 for 3 workshops

U of M Student Discount

$50  for 3 workshops



Cash at the door

$30 for 1 workshop

$60 for 2 workshops

$80 for 3 workshops

U of M Students at the door

$60  for 3 workshops