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On or before Oct 16

Argentine Tango


Sat, Oct 21

At Four Seasons Dance Studio

1637 Hennepin Ave, Mpls, MN 55403

with Gretel & Fred

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Inmersiones Creativas

Secuencias de belleza estética

para la pista de baile

Creative Immersions
Sequences with an aesthetic beauty for the social dance floor, for both leader and follower


Each workshop is 1 hr & 15 min



Workshop #1

Sanguchito con Soltada


Workshop #2

Parada, barridas, gancho, soltada


Workshop #3

Sacadas, gancho organico,

planeo, sombra con boleo


For questions contact:

Fred Gommels

Gretel Quiñones

These workshops are not for absolute beginners.

It is expected that you have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of Argentine Tango:

(the walk, box, cross, ochos, molinete)

Each workshop is 1 hr & 15 min

Workshops Fees

$35 for 1 workshop

$65 for 2 workshops


$95 for 3 workshops

Cash at the door

$35 for 1 workshop

$65 for 2 workshops

$95 for 3 workshops

U of M Students

cash at the door

$70  for 3 workshops

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