Argentine Tango Workshops


with Gretel & Fred

Our next workshop TBD

At Blue Moon Ballroom

Oct 26, 2019 Workshops


These workshops are not for brand new beginners. You are expected to have a working knowledge of cruzada, forward and back ochos, R&L molinete



Variations of these beautiful circular movements


Classic Ganchos

Classic sequences for the social dance floor


Steps for the Crowded Dance Floor

Variations of steps, concepts and direction changes that are classy, yet useful on any Argentine Tango dance floor


Blue Moon Ballroom

2030 Hwy 14 East - Rochester, MN 55904

You are expected to have a working knowledge of cruzada, forward and back ochos, R&L molinete

If you think these workshops might be above your level . . . .


Then contact: Gretel Quiñones
to schedule a private lesson to help you prepare

$54 online discount for all 3 workshops

$60 at the door for all 3 workshops


Gretel Quiñones & Fred Gommels

If you are interested in scheduling

Argentine Tango workshops, contact us at:




Gretel Quiñones & Fred Gommels


Gretel started dancing in Cuba at age 3. She has taught Latin dance in Cuba, Spain and in the US. She is considered by many to be "La Reina de Musicalad". Fred has been dancing since 2002. He has trained in Argentina and the USA with some of the world's top masters.

Both Fred & Gretel have trained with some of the best Tango Masters in the USA and Argentina, including: Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz, Eric Dinzel and Flavia Kohut, Oscar Casas

Pablo Fernández & Ludmila Srnková


They teach in a fun, structured, step-by-step manner. With great care for the needs of the individual student.

We love the creativity, musicality and improvisation of Argentine Tango. We would love to share with you our passion for this dance. We hope you join us.


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