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Wedding Dance


For Bride & Groom
to make a lasting,
memorable impression


Daytime, evenings, or weekends




]These couples trained

at the Blue Moon Ballroom

for their "first dance"

See our packages offered below the videos

Package Options:

Look classy!

In 4 private lessons

1 pic nick & allison.jpg

Nick & Allison


The “Sweetheart” Package

  • Learn a style of dance that fits well with your special song.

  • Develop steps, turns & patterns that look classy.

  • Learn a nice entrance and finish to your dance.

$79 per 1-hour lesson

$316.00 Total

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Impress your guests!

In 8 private lessons

Emily & Luke


“Icing on the Cake” Package

  • Develop greater skills with your basic steps, turns and patterns.

  • Learn to dance with confidence to your special wedding song.

  • You’ll have an impressive entrance and finish to your song.

$74 per 1-hour lesson

$592.00 Total

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WOW your guests!

In 12 private lessons

Lauden & Lauren


"Show Stopper” Package

  • Dance with confidence, passion and romance.

  • Develop partnering skills to move smoothly together.

  • A memorable dance with impressive patterns, steps, and styling.

  • WOW! with your entrance and finish!!

$69 per 1-hour lesson

$828.00 Total

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We'll teach you to dance!
F&G combo 2.jpg

Gretel & Fred


  • Daytime, evenings, or weekends

  • Each lesson is one full hour

  • Each private is for two people 



  • 1 year expiration on all privates

  • No refunds. Credit can be issued 

  • Or you may transfer unused membership to another person

Bride & Groom Private Lessons

We can turn your wedding dance into a memorable celebration to last a lifetime.


Daytime, evenings, or weekends. Each lesson is one full hour.  All payments are exchangeable but not refundable, and are valid up to one year after date of purchase.

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