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2020 Buenos Aires

Tango Immersion

March 15-21, 2020

22nd Annual CITA Event

Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino

Created and directed by master teacher and dancer Fabián Salas and assisted by Lola Diaz. CITA is the most important & longest running tango event in the world.


  • World's best professional master teachers to learn from.

  • 90 classes to choose from for different levels and styles, including these types: Fundamentals-Structure (Excellent for Beginners) - Nuevo Tango - Salón Style (Traditional) - Milonguero Style (Close Embrace) - Todaro Style (as in Antonio Todaro) - Special classes on different aspects of the dance such as Boleos, Ganchos, Sacadas, Adornments, Rhythm, Musicality, Improvisation, Milonga, Vals, and more...

  • 6 days of instruction with 15 classes to choose from every day at the very best locations.

  • "Taxi" class partners available for hire for regular classes.

  • 3 Milonga Nights with the best live orchestras, local milongueros and tangueras, and special performances by the best professional dancers of Buenos Aires.

  • An incredible theater show by the Master Teachers.


The Blue Moon Ballroom is an area group organizer.  You can get a group discount on your CITA Admission Pack by registering with coupon promo code “BlueMoon” at checkout.  See details below.



($560 estimate...exact $ TBD soon)

$560 minus Blue Moon discount TBD soon

  • 6 days of instruction with 15 classes to choose from

  • The world's best professional master teachers.

  • 3 Milongas with live orchestras and exhibitions

  • Tango performance show by the best professionals of Buenos Aires.




You are responsible for your own flight arrangements




fred - port 4.jpg
Gretel port 5.jpg

Join Fred Gommels & Gretel Quiñones on this marvelous Argentine Tango Immersion. We'll let you know more as plans for this trip develop.


Click here for pics & description of past tours:

Buenos Aires Tour

Anticipated Expenses


This would be an estimate of expenses you could expect.

Airfare: $1200-1400

Depending on the time of purchase. 

Workshop Training: $560 (estimate...exact $ amount TBD soon)

Minus the group discount if you go with the Blue Moon group. Includes 15 workshops, 3 milongas, 1 fabulous tango show.

Lodging $400

$30-40 per day for a room, $70-100 for an apartment with Airbnb, or could be more if you need fancier accommodations. I always go with the same AirBnB connections each time.

Food $200

(an estimate at $20/day) This is pretty conservative here

Transportation: $200  

An estimate at $20/day. You can go about anywhere you want for $5 one-way taxi, less by bus or subway. 

Estimated total: $2500 - $2600 

Maybe more, depending on your personal spending habits.


Also, an additional optional cost could be for a "taxi dancer" at $25/workshop (past fee). These are experienced dancers or instructors you can hire to be your partner exclusively for the workshops. Some people have even hired them to have an "on call" partner for the milongas.

Affordable lodging:


CITA workshops to be posted soon:


For questions contact Fred at:

507-358-3484 or

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