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Past Tours

Buenos Aires Trip Summary

By: Fred "Federico" Gommels

A wonderful experience on each trip to Buenos Aires.


Each trip was primarily a tango training tour for CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino) the most important tango event in Buenos Aires. CITA is hosted by our personal friends Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz pictured with me to the right.  


We also host an annual Tango Weekend in Minnesota with Fabian and Lola. 




CITA consists of tango workshops with the world's top instructors. Milongas (dance events), performances and a Tango theater show. The performances, especially at the CITA Milongas, are of the high caliber that you would expect to see in Vegas.

Eduardo and Gisele, wonderful hosts and avid tangueros. 


Eduardo is an architect and Gisele is a journalist and Tango instructor.  They are now very good friends.


Each tour with lodging was arranged through AirBnB.  It was a very good experience.


During these trips we usually meet up with friends and fellow tangueros from Minnesota. Pictured here: Sabine, Paul, Janeen, Marisa, Avery, Megan and Barb.


We trained together, danced together and went on some cultural experiences like historic Los Laureles.  

Personal tours of Buenos Aires by Maria Rosa Braile.  She was full of knowledge regarding the culture and history of BA.


Some of the tours included the historic port area of Caminito, shopping at the San Telmo open air market and traditional Argentine meals.


Maria is the daughter of a beloved Tango musician in Buenos Aires. 

promenade - edited.jpg

Join Fred & Gretel on this marvelous

Argentine Tango and Cultural Tour


If you decide to go with us to Buenos Aires, you can do as much or as little training in Tango as you wish.  Feel free to turn this into a cultural tour, or a combination of culture and Tango training.  


You will get a group discount on

CITA workshops when you register with

discount coupon code “BlueMoon”.

gretel tango 2 cropped.jpg

Great friends and Master Tangueros

Flavia Kohout and Eric Dinzel

Gretel finds a tanguero!!

Other pics from Buenos Aires

Los Laureles, historic resaurant since 1893.

Many famous Tango musicians have played here.

Our Minnesota group had dinner here and then

danced to a lively Tango band.

Fabian & Lola Teaching a Sacadas workshop.

Over 70 workshops to choose from with some of the world's finest master level instructors and dancers.

The Milongas were a great place to relax, socialize, dance and simply have fun.  This was the Wednesday night Costume Milonga.  I wore a funky hat loaned to me by Gisele, along with my shades.

Two of my favorite workshop instructors, Elba and Nito, taught some fun sequences from Tango Vals and Milonga.


During my visit to Buenos Aires I trained in 30 hours of tango, milonga and vals workshops and private lessons with top tango masters.  

This was my first milonga called Maldita Milonga with live music from Tango orchestra called "El Afronte". It was a casual atomosphere with the dancers in the "V" shaped solon style embrace. The 10 musicians, including 3 bandoneonistas, a pianist, violinsists and a baratone vocalist, made this an experience to remember.

I caught this guy at the entrance to an open air market.

He shall be known as "Porteño de San Telmo".

Our Minnesota group dining with Fabian & Lola, the organizers of CITA, the largest Tango event in Buenos Aires.  We all felt honored that Fabian and Lola took time out of their busy schedule to dine with us.

A Tango tile portrait at the entrance to Hotel Dandi, the location of the CITA Tango Workshops

Riera & Cappz Orchestra at the opening night of CITA.  They played wonderful tandas of trafitional Tango, Vals and Milonga.

Dancing with Marisa at Los Laureles

Fantastic Tango performers at Maldita Milonga.


My good friend, Alberto, who helped me with transportation and advice for much of my daily needs.

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